the last search engine you will need for your own data!

achoz logo uses ahoxus circle


try to search for a photo of stroopwafel, the dutch cookie. easy.

now that email you sent to your mom 10 years ago, about something important. not so easy.

finally, please find that biggest purchase you made 16 months ago, which you now need the receipt.

we will make all of that easier than finding stuff online.


achoz screenshot draft

you just go to your phone, and search everything in a single place.

whatever you need will be there.


see it for yourself! if you can handle termux... 😏

copy and paste those 2 commands, first one only if necessary:

pkg install python3-dev libxml2 libxslt antiword poppler tesseract file

pip install achoz

be aware: beta version and unstable.


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