money is simply a communication tool with peer review.

it only have value if trusting peers validate it.

originally we linked money to physical items, to make them easily verifiable, but even that only works because we trust in who made those items.

we can already do much better than this today...


tremendous cost reduction.

validating money costs a lot of money.

even crypto coin validation takes more than just computational power.

we can use much less energy to validate, down to zero electricity!


in fact, we already have working models of this everywhere. in small scale only, when:


we can scale this up using computers. crypto currencies showed us one way, but we don't really need all the crypto and mining part.

picture an open and free bank. free as in freedom.

you can make your own branch and safely transfer money between branches.

what makes the money transfer safe? yes, peer review!

crypto do this by using a network of computers to spend resources calculating cryptographic formulas and competing.

we could simply use our collective intelligence instead.

picture everyone have their own ledger by default.

every transaction i make to you or from you will also appear on your ledger, once you validate it. you should just identify it indeed came from me. the values don't matter, as they will be just numbers. just a ledger.

eventually everyone have ledgers validated by everyone.

and suddenly the numbers will matter simply because we will trust the identities.

infinite money made.


contact me. let's talk this over and improve this page!



ahoxus.org#abotz will be the first crypto trading bot capable of working almost fully offline and completely decentralised in your hands.

already in #development and creating more specifics.


we then build #aloze proof of concept crypto coin (also called zalome), to prove infinite money will work in the digital world.


then the 3rd step will be to remove any computer need, as to make it truly reliable.