money is simply a communication tool with peer review.

it only have value if trusting peers validate it.

originally we linked money to physical items, to make them easily verifiable, but even that only works because we trust in who made those items.

we can already do much better than this today...


tremendous cost reduction.

validating money costs a lot of money.

even crypto coin validation takes more than just computational power.

we can use much less energy to validate, down to zero electricity!


in fact, we already have working models of this everywhere. in small scale only, when:

  • we trust any person with something important to us... we give them money without a declared value. a parent to a child. two strangers on the streets.

  • someone trust us with something important to them... ask for information. donations.

  • solidary economy. we trade energy. products, services, information, affection, without any monetary value or transaction.


we can scale this up using computers. crypto currencies showed us one way, but we don't really need all the crypto and mining part.

picture an open and free bank. free as in freedom.

you can make your own branch and safely transfer money between branches.

what makes the money transfer safe? yes, peer review!

crypto do this by using a network of computers to spend resources calculating cryptographic formulas and competing.

we could simply use our collective intelligence instead.

picture everyone have their own ledger by default.

every transaction i make to you or from you will also appear on your ledger, once you validate it. you should just identify it indeed came from me. the values don't matter, as they will be just numbers. just a ledger.

eventually everyone have ledgers validated by everyone.

and suddenly the numbers will matter simply because we will trust the identities.

infinite money made.


contact me. let's talk this over and improve this page!


crypto will be the first crypto trading bot capable of working almost fully offline and completely decentralised in your hands.

already in #development and creating more specifics.


we then build #aloze proof of concept crypto coin (also called zalome), to prove infinite money will work in the digital world.


then the 3rd step will be to remove any computer need, as to make it truly reliable.

#development references for creating the actual explanation.

let's go! #abotz + #aloze

aloze originally got also called “infinite money” now turned into project #zalome + better seen on


a few forks from this page:

  • #gigs, which we will soon create with troff html, for listing work that can use simple help to get done.

  • #freeterms, also will soon be made, for facilitating agreements and contracts among anyone and everyone! minimum 1 person.

  • finally, we did create #troffhtml as you can see on and source codes right now! gradually becoming simpler, shorter, and easier to use.

simplistic handmade abstract logo drawing with 2 mirrored C like teal strokes and an S like yellow stroke in the middle

do you want to create your first free (or libre, as in freedom) digital product with an audience?

and capitalize it beyond your dreams to retire young?!

then follow along my path on how i will do it for myself! 😏


this quest started with lucas interview. perhaps you'll want to watch it too (in case you know portuguese).

and then let's recap a related concept...


ikigai 'a reason for being' image source:

in my case, i will use something from #ahoxus, such as #achoz, #uproot, or perhaps even #abotz / #aloze if i get lucky. but i will focus the bulk of my personal time to structure everything right and eventually only connect the dots! #maincharacter

in your case, pick your battle. find your ikigai: something you love, that you already work on frequently, that you can take on the worst aspects of it even daily if needed (when most people can't), and that people will to pay someone for doing all that work. your balance.

i first learned about #ikigai perhaps 7 years ago. and never gave it much thought through the years. take your time to find yours.


when you do find your passion, it will be time to go digital.

some call it #digitalmarketing or personal marketing. while i will certainly go through those techniques, my focus will be on linking (or relinking data and energy, thus #relinxus).

combining people, agents, users, consumers, developers, producers, kids, elderly, and many more. do you see the pattern?

yes, i will become the...


or middle person. you know...

have you also grew up to hate the middleman? why?

if you think about it, you may realize they usually centralize power!

you know them. they love to monopolize.

but keep in mind that decentralization only offers half the answer for long term, like all dichotomies... we actually want #harmonicchaos!

you can become your own middleman (like i will do) or you can use harmonicchaosized 3rd parties: just like all other free, good, and nearly invisible services out there, such as local restaurants with cheap and uniquely exquisite food, or that vehicle driver who can hear you or make jokes at virtually zero cost.

a good 3rd party will sell their service, somehow teach how they do it through transparency, and keep their profits in balance for the environment, while continuously learning and evolving in the process. we can give the fish, teach how to fish, and fish only what we need for ourselves (in the broad view). sustainable life!

now, a final bit of...


the best way to connect with the world today will always be through #videos.

and, yet, here i share this text.

actually, here you read my public script draft to the video. i write as a #braindump, almost unedited, in a single seat (like i often do). in fact i spent less than 1h writing (including minor text editing) and more than 1h more finding nice media to add the final edition touch (including learning how to properly add videos and add text for the blind).

another irony: i will publish videos under (completely non free) tiktok @ahoxus, perhaps even before #peertube, in which i will promote #free ideas from #fsf such as #fupl (my version of agpl3+).

i will do it mostly because free videos tools still lag behind way too much, especially for #mobileonlylife as i live myself.

but who cares?

well, isn't this ironic? perhaps, and it might come off as an overkill, but i wanted to add it anyway for my own sake...


too long? didn't read?

if you have read everything so far and you want to do anything in this relinxus direction for your life, the best news come last: simply by learning about all this you already started to work towards doing it.

now take a step back. breath. let it sink in. and then keep on moving! 🥰

we call #abotz (or zalome) a simple and #offlinefirst #mobileonly crypto bot for trading.

very small bash script sample that will help you to trade your crypto without needing to transfer anything out of your own computer.

3 easy steps: + set a trigger however you like, such as a price range defined by shuf dev/urandom + grab data from exchanges, RSS, or web scraping, to feed the bot decisions + buy, sell, and profit despite the losses!

licensed with agpl/#fupl to guarantee it will always remain freely open. big corps hate this!

incentives for creating the script come from actually using it to trade, but incentives to improve on it come from a token we will create, which will evolve into #aloze token for staking.

TK draft in #development with current stage at building the landing page.

ps: draft made with writefreely. sorry it offers no versioning yet and past editions might get deleted!