we want to make web pages simple.

idea strongly based on

we have already used the following #development references for creating the recent implementation you can see on source code and #zalome as pointed:

#troffhtml works without any script and, still, will use things like for those visitors who do use scripts.

and no “cookies” ever!

other important points as of 2022818:

in short, we currently have 2 #fediverse tools, plus the static website with #troffhtml. the moonshot challenge will to eventually integrate everything into 1... imagine no script talk, write, email, and static: all together with git (or ideally some new fupl simpler versioning) mixed up in 1 thing.

up to help us in this quest? let us know. #gigs

if you ever wanted to start a blog but didn't know where to go except it couldn't be wordpress, then you can start today!

i don't want to get too technical, but...

because writefreely uses #agpl code (not just open source foss saass bullshit), this is a truly free way to simply write.

and because it's on the #fediverse (i'll be using the term interchangeably with activity pub), it uses the full potential of the internet original intent: everything gets automatically backed up federated style.

you might think you'll be losing on some features, but the simple fact the #fediverse is a mixture of twitter, facebook, wordpress, and email done in the same way everything else should be (with freedom first) will give you by far the best way to communicate with your audience that ever existed on the web.

this is like emails on steroids!

  • everyone can host their own server
  • you can reach out to anyone
  • white listing and black listing makes handling spam and scam simple and efficient
  • making a “public email” is possible: a toot is like a tweet
  • the root can also be private, like a dm and exactly like an email
  • choose size of image “attachments” allowed in your server
  • enforced file security by not allowing files by design (we should always share files in other ways, such as syncthing, to begin with)
  • limit the amount of characters
  • use your preferred app or the web
  • scheduled toots
  • easy polls
  • chat reactions
  • push mobile notifications that just work (unlike so many email clients)
  • true freedom as promotes
  • so much more!

you can customize privacy to your needs as much as you can possibly imagine, because of how free it is.

and if you don't want to handle code, just use services, from the company behind it all. you can even still get it for free, just reach out to them there.

i really only miss one thing: proper versioning.

editing the post is possible, but it just create a new “toot” and delete the old one. such a bad architecture design.

you might miss better collaboration tools, such as you may be used with on docx softwares or other blogging platforms... but much better things will come. and, anyway, we already can enjoy all other benefits to collaborate in much better and creative ways!

this can very easily be your first true home on the internet... enjoy it! 🤗