#zalomegames #zalome

  • find 1 person to meet and connect

  • suggest a #game you will Invent with the intention of meeting up

  • provide an ending, perhaps 5 minutes or 5 questions/topics

too short; didn't understand?

for instance:

you or both come up with 3 situations in which you have a conditioning you want to change, such as getting angry while driving

or you could suggest starring at each other, 2 strangers, for 5 minutes in silence

#game require no competition, and we usually think of collaboration with no scores or final result, but...

in the meet up challenge, you just need to get 1 person to follow through with the challenge until the end. if you enjoy the game, ask that person if they want to play more at their convenience and schedule a bigger time slot for as soon as possible! 😊

(perhaps way too simple (need more rules) still fun and useful activity! 🥰)