did you know you can already pay #microsoft to cheaply write anything you want? using artificial intelligence!

we will still find free software soon enough, but today every such tool basically relies on non #free software 🥺

more in specific, we have to thank #openai and gpt3 api, but let's not get technical today.

if you have writer block or just want to get inspiration, you should definitely try them!

first, watch this small video which shows dalle (the image ai generator based on #gpt3) used in practice for making the cosmopolitan magazine cover:

if you want more details and a slightly outdated comparison of current alternatives, look at

basically, you just need to understand that the ai will need you to write very in specific what you want to get the results you imagine, and it can consume you a lot of time to learn how to talk to it.


ready to try it for yourself?

all links below will be affiliated and usually offer some discount for you as well. thanks for supporting our work!

you can use the service for free (even on #mobileonlylife) with either:

  • writesonic, the first one i stumbled upon, which offers a nice timeless trial, and the best results i've got so far in my tests.

  • rytr, which looks very promising and offers a forever free account, but on my brief tests i couldn't really get anything satisfactory.

  • ink for all also offers a forever free and limited account which works mostly for trying it out. you will need an account on google, facebook, or microsoft though, reason i didn't try it myself.

they all offer very similar services. you should pick whatever i keep getting error to start it up on my last step.

finally, if you want to get serious, you might consider the one premium service...

ps: up to this day, we haven't used any ai to write anything in not even for inspiration! 😱