we want to make web pages simple.

idea strongly based on

we have already used the following #development references for creating the recent implementation you can see on source code and #zalome as pointed:

#troffhtml works without any script and, still, will use things like for those visitors who do use scripts.

and no “cookies” ever!

other important points as of 2022818:

in short, we currently have 2 #fediverse tools, plus the static website with #troffhtml. the moonshot challenge will to eventually integrate everything into 1... imagine no script talk, write, email, and static: all together with git (or ideally some new fupl simpler versioning) mixed up in 1 thing.

up to help us in this quest? let us know. #gigs

a quick checklist for my ideal fediverse tool today (which i will edit and update with time):

  • what no fedi tool (that i know) currently do, first of all: be #mobilefirst focused on #mobileonlylife.

  • work #offlinefirst but much better than husky which often complains that it is offline.

  • do everything writefreely do, especially the simplicity, script less view, and url slugs.

  • editing posts will create new fedi posts and link them all together, plus offer a way to see the version difference.

  • mix it up with pleroma, so i could also use it like mastodon for conversations, reactions, and comments on posts.

  • allow me to post videos and offer a tiktok like experience, at least on the gui/ux side at first: insanely quick buffering, swipe to go to next video or user account, etc.

as mentioned, big draft! 😏