we want to make web pages simple.

idea strongly based on

we have already used the following #development references for creating the recent implementation you can see on source code and #zalome as pointed:

#troffhtml works without any script and, still, will use things like for those visitors who do use scripts.

and no “cookies” ever!

other important points as of 2022818:

in short, we currently have 2 #fediverse tools, plus the static website with #troffhtml. the moonshot challenge will to eventually integrate everything into 1... imagine no script talk, write, email, and static: all together with git (or ideally some new fupl simpler versioning) mixed up in 1 thing.

up to help us in this quest? let us know. #gigs

a quick checklist for my ideal fediverse tool today (which i will edit and update with time):

  • what no fedi tool (that i know) currently do, first of all: be #mobilefirst focused on #mobileonlylife.

  • work #offlinefirst but much better than husky which often complains that it is offline.

  • do everything writefreely do, especially the simplicity, script less view, and url slugs.

  • editing posts will create new fedi posts and link them all together, plus offer a way to see the version difference.

  • mix it up with pleroma, so i could also use it like mastodon for conversations, reactions, and comments on posts.

  • allow me to post videos and offer a tiktok like experience, at least on the gui/ux side at first: insanely quick buffering, swipe to go to next video or user account, etc.

as mentioned, big draft! 😏

i just added the following code to css/fonts.css:

header nav .xtra-feature,
header#tools .tool.hidden {
    display: initial !important; /* worst hack ever, but it works today! ~cregox 20220704 */

just so i can work on writefreely #mobileonlylife with more ease.

also because i have no instant clue on what i should do, ideally.

very long story i might tell some day, probably by editing this post, which sadly won't be properly versioned or tracked... because of #writefreely issues i've mentioned before.

today, i just wanted to document this in some steady way. 🤣😇

did you know you can already pay #microsoft to cheaply write anything you want? using artificial intelligence!

we will still find free software soon enough, but today every such tool basically relies on non #free software 🥺

more in specific, we have to thank #openai and gpt3 api, but let's not get technical today.

if you have writer block or just want to get inspiration, you should definitely try them!

first, watch this small video which shows dalle (the image ai generator based on #gpt3) used in practice for making the cosmopolitan magazine cover:

if you want more details and a slightly outdated comparison of current alternatives, look at

basically, you just need to understand that the ai will need you to write very in specific what you want to get the results you imagine, and it can consume you a lot of time to learn how to talk to it.


ready to try it for yourself?

all links below will be affiliated and usually offer some discount for you as well. thanks for supporting our work!

you can use the service for free (even on #mobileonlylife) with either:

  • writesonic, the first one i stumbled upon, which offers a nice timeless trial, and the best results i've got so far in my tests.

  • rytr, which looks very promising and offers a forever free account, but on my brief tests i couldn't really get anything satisfactory.

  • ink for all also offers a forever free and limited account which works mostly for trying it out. you will need an account on google, facebook, or microsoft though, reason i didn't try it myself.

they all offer very similar services. you should pick whatever i keep getting error to start it up on my last step.

finally, if you want to get serious, you might consider the one premium service...

ps: up to this day, we haven't used any ai to write anything in not even for inspiration! 😱

simplistic handmade abstract logo drawing with 2 mirrored C like teal strokes and an S like yellow stroke in the middle

do you want to create your first free (or libre, as in freedom) digital product with an audience?

and capitalize it beyond your dreams to retire young?!

then follow along my path on how i will do it for myself! 😏


this quest started with lucas interview. perhaps you'll want to watch it too (in case you know portuguese).

and then let's recap a related concept...


ikigai 'a reason for being' image source:

in my case, i will use something from #ahoxus, such as #achoz, #uproot, or perhaps even #abotz / #aloze if i get lucky. but i will focus the bulk of my personal time to structure everything right and eventually only connect the dots! #maincharacter

in your case, pick your battle. find your ikigai: something you love, that you already work on frequently, that you can take on the worst aspects of it even daily if needed (when most people can't), and that people will to pay someone for doing all that work. your balance.

i first learned about #ikigai perhaps 7 years ago. and never gave it much thought through the years. take your time to find yours.


when you do find your passion, it will be time to go digital.

some call it #digitalmarketing or personal marketing. while i will certainly go through those techniques, my focus will be on linking (or relinking data and energy, thus #relinxus).

combining people, agents, users, consumers, developers, producers, kids, elderly, and many more. do you see the pattern?

yes, i will become the...


or middle person. you know...

have you also grew up to hate the middleman? why?

if you think about it, you may realize they usually centralize power!

you know them. they love to monopolize.

but keep in mind that decentralization only offers half the answer for long term, like all dichotomies... we actually want #harmonicchaos!

you can become your own middleman (like i will do) or you can use harmonicchaosized 3rd parties: just like all other free, good, and nearly invisible services out there, such as local restaurants with cheap and uniquely exquisite food, or that vehicle driver who can hear you or make jokes at virtually zero cost.

a good 3rd party will sell their service, somehow teach how they do it through transparency, and keep their profits in balance for the environment, while continuously learning and evolving in the process. we can give the fish, teach how to fish, and fish only what we need for ourselves (in the broad view). sustainable life!

now, a final bit of...


the best way to connect with the world today will always be through #videos.

and, yet, here i share this text.

actually, here you read my public script draft to the video. i write as a #braindump, almost unedited, in a single seat (like i often do). in fact i spent less than 1h writing (including minor text editing) and more than 1h more finding nice media to add the final edition touch (including learning how to properly add videos and add text for the blind).

another irony: i will publish videos under (completely non free) tiktok @ahoxus, perhaps even before #peertube, in which i will promote #free ideas from #fsf such as #fupl (my version of agpl3+).

i will do it mostly because free videos tools still lag behind way too much, especially for #mobileonlylife as i live myself.

but who cares?

well, isn't this ironic? perhaps, and it might come off as an overkill, but i wanted to add it anyway for my own sake...


too long? didn't read?

if you have read everything so far and you want to do anything in this relinxus direction for your life, the best news come last: simply by learning about all this you already started to work towards doing it.

now take a step back. breath. let it sink in. and then keep on moving! 🥰