i have a unlikely profile on made not so much for making #money, but to help their amazing free weather app. (although i doubt they use agpl)

the rest of this post will (probably) be redundant. so i stop now before too much.



usually i save those on my clipboard... but i couldn't find a good app to do it properly yet and the current one (gboard) keeps losing data!

how shocking, we can't trust google engineering... 🤣🙄🙄🙄


#clipboard #backup #uninteresting #selfnote

will work mostly with aGPLed, and free software, focused on development overviews. explaining, handholding, trouble shooting, teaching, etc.

rates: € 500.00/hour + travel + expenses. fixed fee quotes available. negotiable for non-profits.

experience: have hacked and created software on over a dozen languages and stacks, in the past, for over 20 years. created whole commercial system solutions that remained working, untouched and unmaintained, for 15 years. helped rms with words through email, i guess 🤣. got an ubuntu touch phone as primary “wannabe” computing device (current one relies on android with termux) focusing on GNU programs.

#fix veja se esta outra oportunidade também vos interessa, por gentileza:

LT82 3250 0835 3533 4600

IBAN: LT82 3250 0835 3533 4600 BIC: REVOLT21 beneficiary: caue rego beneficiary address: rua do conchado, rulote da ahoxus, 5000-039, vila real, andraes, sao cibrao, portugal

PT50004587724034435210958 moey

please, take 2 minutes or so and read below with much love!

trust in yourself for a life without regrets.

links and data make the internet. i feed it with both.


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vendo um hyundai, inteiro elétrico.

tem interesse ou por acaso conhece alguém que possa estar interessado?,=GNU?%0A&sort=&order=asc&eq=no#search

please, consider focusing on the fediverse, rather than forums, email, IRC, or whatever communication tool you might think as better ones!

i could be identified as: + poor single male living in a trailer + rich partnered male creating a sustainable world in the woods

but any of those are over simplifications.

shall we start with a deep dive instead?

i've got about average sperm count. back in 2018 i've donated sperm for a bank in portugal, who contacted me asking for more in 2021.

anyone in my family who didn't go through every effort to prevent giving birth, do have healthy kids – it's fairly easy to do it if you're not careful within my family. they all also have very similar looks from my father side. anyone can tell my sister is my sister just by looking at us, you know... quite “strong” genes.

i don't ever smoke or drink, because i hate the taste of both, and have always hated 'em. i eat very healthy, stay slim, but i'm not perfect. irregular exercises; some minor issues with many parts of the digestive system; diabetes and cancer in the family; a rare condition on the eye shared with my mother, called recurrent corneal erosion, which can be quite a problem but it's also easy to control once you learn about it; just like my rhinitis, and; some kind of maniac / depressive / bipolar disorders in my dad and myself. let me know if you want to talk about this or anything else. hope i'm not forgetting anything... and that this won't scare you! because it shouldn't. :)

above all, when looking to donate sperm i do it because i want to one day get to know about my children, even if only by accident or from far away. or just know they exist and have lived! i may never have the chance on my own, given my life for the past 40 years: i never really wanted to raise one in this “society”, all by myself (i have no family to help with this). i still might do vasectomy after i give birth to some kids because i want to have plenty of unworried sex (and never did).

i've got 3 niblings and i'm pretty sure my offspring would be equally amazing.

yes, i'm inspired a lot by delivery man (2013) movie, in which vince vaughn has 500 kids as a donor. i'd love to be that guy!

perhaps this irrelevant to you, but since the sexuality topic is so much around here it could be worth to note: i will definitely become a woman if i can get to fully (you know, fertile with an uterus and no need to take pills for life) become a beautiful one. so for now there are many reasons i choose to stick with hetero born male.

i will gladly talk about anything you could ever imagine, except “politics” (unless you mean real politics, such as political theory or philosophy). i have always lived as an open (and many would think “scary”) book. ask me anything at all!

most importantly: i can't take any financial or social responsibility of any kid today, including my father. either you do it or you move in our community and we do it together, outside of society, in another financial and economic system.

above all: cheers! 😘

i will soon make every effort to make my whole life public online for as long as humanly possible. #publiclife this means permanent live stream and shared bank accounts. even all of my passwords, ...

to spin of did you know google silently removed “don't be evil” from their manifesto nearly 5 years ago? probably a bit earlier than 2018 may 18th...

how i still see #tamera today, after 3 years i first went there: an imperfect and much needed light that rose for me when i didn't know i needed it...

sometimes i call #aloze an offline coin...

frederick laloux did this amazing research many years ago, and i participated in his forums for a little bit...

i probably need to move this list into write... done! 🤣

rtmp:// interesting insights around #digitalmarketing

i still haven't read it or know the difference between activitypub and the fediverse.

also interesting list of apps there.