we want to make web pages simple.

idea strongly based on

we have already used the following #development references for creating the recent implementation you can see on source code and #zalome as pointed:

#troffhtml works without any script and, still, will use things like for those visitors who do use scripts.

and no “cookies” ever!

other important points as of 2022818:

in short, we currently have 2 #fediverse tools, plus the static website with #troffhtml. the moonshot challenge will to eventually integrate everything into 1... imagine no script talk, write, email, and static: all together with git (or ideally some new fupl simpler versioning) mixed up in 1 thing.

up to help us in this quest? let us know. #gigs

a quick checklist for my ideal fediverse tool today (which i will edit and update with time):

  • what no fedi tool (that i know) currently do, first of all: be #mobilefirst focused on #mobileonlylife.

  • work #offlinefirst but much better than husky which often complains that it is offline.

  • do everything writefreely do, especially the simplicity, script less view, and url slugs.

  • editing posts will create new fedi posts and link them all together, plus offer a way to see the version difference.

  • mix it up with pleroma, so i could also use it like mastodon for conversations, reactions, and comments on posts.

  • allow me to post videos and offer a tiktok like experience, at least on the gui/ux side at first: insanely quick buffering, swipe to go to next video or user account, etc.

as mentioned, big draft! 😏

uses javascript only

this sucks!

on the first paragraph there:

Currently, there's no way around it – you have to have Javascript enabled in the browser to make it work, there is a theoretical possibility to generate some HTML server-side but it's not implemented yet.

at least two reasons why #itsucks:

  • after just a few months using hosted on the cheapest digital ocean host (about 50 bucks per year) it already gets so slow i have to wait about 1 minute for it to load! 🤮

  • it signals against good practices, in which a website should always offer a javascript free version. 😒

#pleroma and #writefreely both give me nearly perfectly what we want in #ahoxus digital: a very simple way to communicate with the world. (much better than any other alternative we currently know of such as telegram, gemini, emails, etc)! 🥰

but sadly neither get to the final marks (such as working 100% #offlinefirst and offering #awesomeslugs also known as #goodnames). and they probably never will.

we just have to find a way to balance them all out...



any ideas?

we call #abotz (or zalome) a simple and #offlinefirst #mobileonly crypto bot for trading.

very small bash script sample that will help you to trade your crypto without needing to transfer anything out of your own computer.

3 easy steps: + set a trigger however you like, such as a price range defined by shuf dev/urandom + grab data from exchanges, RSS, or web scraping, to feed the bot decisions + buy, sell, and profit despite the losses!

licensed with agpl/#fupl to guarantee it will always remain freely open. big corps hate this!

incentives for creating the script come from actually using it to trade, but incentives to improve on it come from a token we will create, which will evolve into #aloze token for staking.

TK draft in #development with current stage at building the landing page.

ps: draft made with writefreely. sorry it offers no versioning yet and past editions might get deleted!