i just added the following code to css/fonts.css:

header nav .xtra-feature,
header#tools .tool.hidden {
    display: initial !important; /* worst hack ever, but it works today! ~cregox 20220704 */

just so i can work on writefreely #mobileonlylife with more ease.

also because i have no instant clue on what i should do, ideally.

very long story i might tell some day, probably by editing this post, which sadly won't be properly versioned or tracked... because of #writefreely issues i've mentioned before.

today, i just wanted to document this in some steady way. 🤣😇

uses javascript only

this sucks!

on the first paragraph there:

Currently, there's no way around it – you have to have Javascript enabled in the browser to make it work, there is a theoretical possibility to generate some HTML server-side but it's not implemented yet.

at least two reasons why #itsucks:

  • after just a few months using hosted on the cheapest digital ocean host (about 50 bucks per year) it already gets so slow i have to wait about 1 minute for it to load! 🤮

  • it signals against good practices, in which a website should always offer a javascript free version. 😒

#pleroma and #writefreely both give me nearly perfectly what we want in #ahoxus digital: a very simple way to communicate with the world. (much better than any other alternative we currently know of such as telegram, gemini, emails, etc)! 🥰

but sadly neither get to the final marks (such as working 100% #offlinefirst and offering #awesomeslugs also known as #goodnames). and they probably never will.

we just have to find a way to balance them all out...



any ideas?

life needs energy.

for some reason, in 2022, we all mistake electricity for energy.

and, before that, mysticism perhaps? energeia.

(#writefreely needs a crucial versioning upgrade for drafts such as this one i write today.

but i still write anyway. let us accept the imperfection of life, along with the chaotic harmony needed in energy to feed life with such wonderful awesomeness.)

poetry aside...

i started this page today to provide videos to a broken link i posted recently under #talk and link below:

and only the videos because the amazing #agpl web archive luckily provide the rest already:

(now i only need to find the videos i know i saved somewhere and figure out how to properly add videos here... 🤣)

meanwhile, jürgen got a new website with a new summary of the most amazing energy manipulation technology in the world today, which probably gives a better explanation than the video