🚻 water free toilet

we invite you to think again on how to handle your own shit! πŸ’©

did you know 🌊 water flushed down make up the most (roughly 30%) of indoor water consumed? easily over 10 liters per day per person.

the world have lots of working options today, and while riding the water 🐯 tiger we want to experiment building the wildest compost toilet.

in practice this means right now: + very well selected location + a small human shelter + about 1.8m squared + meant for easy transportation + wild variety of matter + near trees, far from garden + at least 100m away from water sources + a big hole on the ground + crouch instead of seat + always fully covered crap + zero smell or flies crucial + near a shower or bidet + illustrated instructions

we intent to focus on the poop handling instead of the composting. how long it will take to compost becomes secondary here. first the convinience to use and maintain.

definitely not for the faint of heart used with too much city hidden maintenance.

instead of taking out the compost of the toilet, we envision moving the toilet to the next area. it may even cycle and circle around a few of the same spots.

as any experiment, everything can change! to enforce the main point: building the wildest compost toilet.

we have already experimented with everything here, except the shelter, at ahoxus.org/paradise since 2020 feb.